April 11th

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09:00 Opening

09:30- 11:00 “50 years of Critical State” memorial session, Auditori Hall

Chair: A. Campbell

  • T. Johansen “The critical-state seen by magneto-optical imaging”
  • L. Prigozhim “Electric Field Formulation for Thin Film Magnetization Problems” A. Sánchez “50 years of critical-state: a historical view”
  • A. Sánchez “50 years of critical-state: a historical view”

11:00- 11:30 Cofee Break

11:30-13:30 Critical State session , Auditori Hall

Chair: A. Morandi, A. Stenvall

  • Carlos López “Electromagnetics close beyond the critical state: thermodynamic prospect”
  • V. Sokolovsky “AC losses in thin coated conductors under non-sinusoidal conditions”
  • E. Pardo “Fast simulation method for optimisation of real-size superconducting windings”
  • S. Farinon “Applicability of the adaptive resistivity method to describe the critical state of complex superconducting systems”
  • C. Navau “Modelling the control of magnetic fields with superconductor-metamaterial hybrids systems”

13:30- 15:00 Lunch & networking and Museum visit

15:00-16:30 Finite Elements I , Auditori Hall

Chair: E. Pardo , A. Badía

  • A. Campbell “Simulation studies on the magnetisation of (RE)BCO bulk superconductors using various split-coil arrangements”
  • A. Stenvall “Modelling self-field hysteresis losses of helicoidal structures in two dimensions with finite element method”
  • V. Lathinen “Eddy-Current Formulations for Superconductor Hysteresis Loss Modelling
  • V. Zermeño ”3D simulation of Roebel cables”

16:30-17:00 Cofee Break

17:00-18:45 Finite Elements II , Auditori Hall

Chair: F.Gömöry, S. Farinon

  • T. Coombs “Flux pumping, fluctuations and forces”
  • P. Vanderbemden “Magnetic shielding properties of a cut superconducting hollow cylinder : modelling and experiment”
  • M. Stepien “Transient state modeling in HTS using ANSYS APDL”
  • S. Mezani “Frequency Domain Computation of Eddy Currents in Superconductors”
  • M. Zahn “New progress of finite element modeling for 2G HTS coils”
  • E. Díez “Simplified local model for the mechanical interaction between a finite magnet and a superconductor in the Meissner state”

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